Letter typed with heartly ink

I read your eyes and listened your hustling beats, knowing I am not with you but even care for you wherever you are heres a letter for you, must read

-Prioritize yourself, give value to yourself, because nobody can read your mind nobody can seek your heart within.

Even the close people detachs themselves from you when you are not happening.And don’t regret for what that never exist , once you got to know the truth accept it, without questioning so as to why … , it happened because it was done. Believe someone is there for you, you are not alone but remember someone is just there almighty Allah, god, the sun, the moon, your mother. They are for you always.

Nothing can make you feel bad, nothing!!Nothing can destroy you, because you are the worthy creation of almighty God .

In everyday chaos you need to become more strong than you are and know that you are. Leave worse thoughts feels alone with your night blanket or flush them away with hot water shower daily…Because you know you are born for living with degree of valuation, happiness, success, and you mean it.

Leave it all here , every problem that you are going through on mine blog, leave it here and move ahead in your life.

Am waiting for your growth and wishing my you all best wishes


What defines your worth !!

According to the google, the meaning of worth of a person is determined by sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.

To large extent what i felt till now is that worth or value of a person is based upon the mindset that a person had build during one’s life phases.

But it is also true that, for feeling worthy or worthless is totally determined by internal environment or intra-personal thoughts which shows a mild or intense reflection of words that are posed by person , society or comrade or close people, the effects of external behaviour is different from person to person based on emotional strength of a person, sensitive people are like to be affected more .

We all know that all of us bears a certain degree of limitation in almost all field, so it is just not possible to meet the expectations of people around or to one own self, both the factors plays an important role in determining the degree of self esteem that a person bears or to what extent they feel that they are something or they owe something to this world and what mainly makes them feel living like.

Hints / gestures that shows , a particular person is lacking self esteem /self worth.÷

1) They prefer to be quiet most of the times or pay a hard conversation.

2) They feel insecure with other people and try to avoid them

3) They start showing underachievement inspite of being able to perform greatly

.4) They are socially inept.

5) They get angry over pitty matter.

Few points that can make them feel worthy , if they are your people whom you care or social points to lift up ones esteem ÷

1) Appreciate their efforts.

2) Show caring behavior toward them and try to show that they literally mean something to them.

3 )Try to be straight forward and Don not ignore but say the truth.

Ways to increase self esteem÷

1)Try doing something new.

2) List your accomplishments.

3) Get clear on your value

4) Stop worrying what people say about you, bad or good just leave their points.

That is all what I feel and think, and keep smiling because you are worthy for more than thousand reasons, they are just covered by transient dark clouds,Soon you would be shining like sun.

Theories of amare…

We never know the real sense of love, because we are being attached with certain theories of sciences… Hormonal, hypnotic, addictive and many more confusing theories that we put on.

But to find or go in search of it,is mind buffling, where psychological abilities fail to produce a productive answer.

When one compromises ones own pleasure, and put the self to trouble for anothers happiness is it ove, or the two gets together for creating new life, sharing few sorrows and good niche, is that a love…

Or waiting for someone life long, still knowing least least chance of coming back it that, the theories of psychology of love is unending because humans have unbeatable talents to prove what they feel if it is morally wrong or right…

Till then I know love is what curing , love is growth and it is unending…

Something like depression

It’s a long time i was getting bouts of anxiety,  fear and a high level of introvertness .May be from my early teenhood.  The feelings were getting so,  natural that I took these facts as mine character,  it was hard to distinguish that whether I am suffering from depression or it became an integral part of mine. 

The level of introvertness was so high that to do even a normal things was felt to me like drowning in an ocean. Every single flash back of my past,  took me sobbing under the blanket during midnights,  and again waking up normally, pretending as if everything is normal. 

It was obvious for me ,as a child to feel bad,  cry when you get tortured for the things you never committed or it’s god gifted,  and literally can’t reveal out to my parents ,what somebody posed to,  because they are sometimes my friends,  classmates,  teachers, relatives or siblings too. It was hard too,  because when you belong to an unhealthy family,  you can’t think of help. 

Sometimes it felt me it wrong what happened with me,  I didn’t deserved to see harsh fights of my parents when I was a” bud”.,  I must not have bullied for my complexion in my 3rd grade, nor to have any issues with my siblings.  But it was written for me. It doesn’t troubled me much,  as it is doing now. When I am on my late teenhood, I can experience the changes in me because of the intense suffering. 

It’s taking much of mine,  deteriorating my self-esteem daily,  these facts now costed me, still helpless and struggling hard to keep myself alive and that too happy… 

May be I am suffering from depression,  but it’s hidden because I am struggling against it  silently.,  it’s hard but always “me” is on priority than “mine” ie. Depression.